Today we battled it out to find out who’s the penhold grip champion!
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  1. I play with a right handshake, but I also train for fun with a left penhold, inspired by Xu Xin) it really IS much fun. Recently I even got some grip of a penhold backhand!

  2. otto winning that last point vs emil with reverse penhold backhand….except this sensei probs came up with it on his own on the spot lol. what a legend.

  3. Little did Emil know, Otto has invented the penhold style before the creation of time, he had to give him a head start or the game would have been over before it started

  4. Plz don't IGNORE

    It took me half an hour to make a video and it woukd take a second fir u to subscribe…
    Plz do it

  5. Remember when otto laughed then Mikka said "You're laughing no but 9-9 When I rip that backhand on, you will see who's laughing.


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