In this video I look at some of the ways a table tennis robot can help you improve. Also read my blog post on the same subject:


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  1. hey Tom, great video. I ended up buying this one (but have 30 days to try it out). it's uniqueness is a two wheel system which can offer up no-spin balls (which seems more like what humans might do w/ shots). however, it's NOT programmable. that's the question i have. is a robot good enuf in that it can just shoot balls with (no)spin, perhaps shooting to two different spots (this is the limit of oscillation it can do) so that you can work on footwork (limited) and stroke mechanics?

    does it need programming (as yours does). For instance, lots of people debate Newgy 2050 (one wheel, cheaper built, but programmable) vs. Paddle Palace A32w (the one i have). I want to make sure i made the best decision possible while i have a window of time. I'm a low int player wanting to use the robot to improve footwork and stroke mechanics. How important is the programmable part?

  2. i get why it's useful…but $800. yikes. any recommendations for a robot similar to this but 1/2 the cost? thanks 🙂

  3. Can you create no spin balls? Also is the the amount/strength of spin proportional to speed of the ball? Can you get the robot to do slow spinny top spin loops?

  4. Hi Tom, thanks for the great demo, very informative!
    I am intrigued about how this robot feeds itself the balls… you showed it, but not in detail. Does it just somehow grab the returned balls in the catch-net?
    And what technical differences exist between the 1050 and the 2050? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for ur feedback. After reading a lot of reviews, this is exactly why I am getting the robot, namely improving footwork, backhand and short ball flicks. Getting the 1050+ as it is a lot cheaper and can be easily converted to 2050. Thanks ur post helped me in the decision.

  6. Hello Tom, have a look at butterfly Amicus's robot, for me this is currently the best robot even if a bit expansive, take care !

  7. Super speed! haaaa. Seriously though – must be great to have space for a table at home and to have a robot like that. Like you say, it's not really fair to ask a partner to just play balls at you while you practice the same shot for half and hour (unless you're paying them!). Good video, thanks.


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