COD Warzone is very addictive! Is this the best gun though? Let’s test and find out! Playing with Phe0 and Aculite. Sponsored by Activision. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching –



  1. Some great games in here, the AUG with that setup is a beast! If you want to check out Aculite, you can find his channel here –

  2. Please an specs and settings video plEasSeee jaCkkkk ! I'm getting 60- 144 fps in this game with an rtx 2060 :/ grrrrr

  3. set up 2 loadout drops in your loadout menu 1st one for your weapons 2nd for your perks
    then call 2 loadout drops use 1st one to get weapons call in 2nd use that to get all 3 perks excluding overkill as ur 2nd n replace it we ghost or another then pick up your weapons (in case you didnt know this that is)

  4. “Hi everyone and welcome to some more of duty war zone” did anyone else catch jack almost say battlefield?????

  5. I think an M16 would be better, it's accurate at longer ranges.. like an M16 with a 3x scope and a 50 round drum clip.. that would probably work well

  6. How comes I don't have the ammunition or underbarreled option on my aug? they are not even showing up the same as my snipers?

  7. The ammount of hackers yesterday on european servers were nuts! we went against hackin with aimbots and wallhackin trios round after round… they didnt even tried to hide it while 20+ people were spectating them. Theres not a report system for all these shity situations?????

  8. New subscriber to the channel here. Love the content. Quick question, I tried this setup today after watching this video and upgrading my Aug but my JOKR isn’t thermal. How do I change that.

  9. Favorite live stream yet even though I didnt watch it live. You and acculite are my favs so it was a nice change of pace having you both on a team


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