Why did Pep Guardiola and Bruno Fernandes clash? During the Manchester Derby, Bruno Fernandes told Pep Guardiola to be quiet. A daring gesture which explains the tension in the match, but that’s not all. Bruno Fernandes was taking his revenge on Pep Guardiola. Discover the tremendous actions that occurred during this week’s Manchester Derby.


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  1. Guardiola have done this shit before,with cristiano in an elclassico and he pushed him, guardiola is shit 💩

  2. you guys dont know Bruno Fernandes, im a huge Bruno Fernandes fan and also a Sporting fan, so I follow him since he started playing in Sporting, he has a very aggressive behavior because of how passionate he is with the game, maybe its something United needed

  3. Who is pep.. Great manager..
    Who d fuck are u Fernandes..
    Another piece of shit..
    He won many n u won nothing.
    Fuck off asshole..

  4. Loool he has not experienced suffering at the hands of city. He will know soon enough. Just ask Pogba. Y’all realize Pogba is a bum now.

  5. Bruno is the Captain we didn’t know we needed. But he’s the player Ole deserved, the player that has begun the new dawn of United. Temperament and leadership of Roy Keane, the quality of Scholes and Becks rolled into one. A legend is being built.

  6. This is not the first time he clashes with opposition players. Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo at Madrid and now Bruno Fraudiola


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