A BRAND NEW TENNIS GAME – Tennis World Tour is out now on Playstation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch and PC! Tennis World Tour is developed Breakpoint Studio and published by Bigben Interactive. The game can be seen as the spiritual successor to Top Spin 4 as it’s developed by essentially the same people! Starring Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka and over 30 other top professionals, it’s time to get back on the horse and see how it compares to the old Top Spin and Virtua Tennis games as well as the new AO International Tennis game. This video is my first look, first impressions and a mini review of Tennis World Tour 2018.

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  1. Hey everyone! Seems like there's a lot of backlash about the tennis games this year!

    Just remember this game hasn't even had a day 1 patch yet! Give it a chance to fix bugs and add features before passing a final judgement! Also remember these games are the first on the next gen consoles, which are totally different to work with! Yes these games aren't as good as Top Spin 4, but TS1-3 certainly weren't either!

    For a first game in each franchise, I don't think they've done a bad job!

  2. Plus the game makes my thumb hurts as hell..I hope ps4 invest in a softer rotating knob for pur fingers especially for playing such a tennis game like this where u have to keep pushing quickly for cheating Caroline Wozniacki to keep winning so she can stay as #2

  3. This game is so cheating it deliberately slows u down or holds you back for an opponent to win a match…especially Caroline Wozniacki. Always making me lose to her no matter how hard I try it makes my shots slower and her's harder where mine lands in the service box and her's more to the baseline in rallies although i have a more attacking game than her and I'm #5 while she is #1. It so frustrating to not being able to move forward. I have a better time playing my other tennis game "the Australian open" atleast that dont slow me down for my opponent to win and I dont feel defeated but rather fair play. This game sucks big time so today will be my last playing it since I can never get to #1 if it continues to cheat for Caroline Wozniacki to keep winning.

  4. Honestly its a shame. The old top spin games were incredible every player you faced felt like a different game and had to adjust to there play styles. This is just a shit show money grab. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME

  5. how is it that with technology improving so much every year that the sports games (especially tennis) continue to get worse? money is no issue (not to be arrogant), and I still choose to play TopSpin 4 on my Xbox 360 since it's hands down better than any other tennis game in the past 10 years. How can that be? I've been looking for a tennis game that's equal to or better than TopSpin 4 (realistic play, speed, court choices, graphics, players, etc) and ready to pay whatever the price is for the game and the system. Been looking for 10 years now and there has been nothing better than Top Spin 4! Again, how can this be? I'm ready to invest some money into making a game, as long as it's better than Top Spin 4 and worth the work & time.

  6. They should never have discontinued the Top Spin series. This game looks absolutely horrendous. The graphics on TS4 are better than this. TS4 was on PS3 for goodness sake.

  7. Wow this looks terrible. No nadal djokovic or Murray. No licensed courts and stadiums. Terrible graphics and gameplay. I’m not paying 60€ for this pile of shit.

  8. I really liked that tennis game EA made for Xbox 360. I can not recall the name but it was really good, wish it was backward compat.

  9. This game looks horrible, sluggish animations, outdated graphics, rubbish game modes, bring back grand slam tennis 2!

  10. tennis games have even been hard to play . I started with virtua tennis on sega arcade and never managed to win a single set , I tried on game boy advance and other consoles with no luck . how can you perform tennis player moves with a gamepad ? tennis games players' community is probably a small one


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