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  1. Novak, the best…he always gives a great hand , smiles, and admits superiority of the opponent… as i said ..a great man , a legend… a great Serbian Man

  2. I know there were others here, but dang Fed and Djokovic just seem so much welcoming to their opponents after losses. Murray isn't bad, but I think Rafa just can't hide the disappointment as well

  3. do not mistake Djokovic s reaction as a graceful "well done" its more like an arrogant "enjoy your one second of fame"

  4. Taro Daniel, vesely, they do this from time to time the problem is they do it in that specific day woke up on the right side of the bed i guess. Next day you will wonder what happened as they are losing to the Number 100 and playing so bad

  5. Surprisingly enough, these guys (minus Donskoy and Ramos-Vinolas) will be playing still, when the Big 4 retire from tennis.

  6. In 2020 u won't be surprised/schockef watching FedEx n jokovic losing to those players in 100 ranking. U ll get used to it more n more.

  7. Can we have shapo's aggression… Medvedev's stamina and tsisipas's courage in one man… Then certainly we will have our next big thing..

  8. Wow, that rallye in 1:52 shows djokovic getting a taste of his own medicine… For me the reason ,why djoko is unstoppable, is that he can hit incredibly well the angle…

    Thats what vesely does wow

  9. I think Nadal losing against Soderling in 2009 Roland Garros was the greatest upset of the 21st century uptil now atleast. It should have been on this list.


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