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🎧 Beyond the Playtest Podcast Episode:

* This video was filmed before the Covid-19 pandemic *

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  1. Too much sales puff and hype. Nobody wants a super dense 18×20 / 350g racquet these days. Not to play competitively anyway.

  2. They didn't even properly answer the question re headsize. Couldn't you have just got a tape measure measure across a few difference dimensions, and then compare it to say a PT630 and the current Prestige Pro/MP? Need that Tennis Spin guy to have a look at this as he's good at taking specs.

  3. Hi TW the 3/8 size sold out in Australia I was wondering if Tennis Only would be getting more stock soon?

  4. Excellent poscast team….super interested as mine is arriving tomorrow or the day after. SW (not static weight), might be an issue in extended rallies.

    I'll also say, you all sounded super excited!!!

    Cheers. 🎾🎾🎾

  5. Guys, over the most flexible Prestige MP…

    Though I've Racquet Finder the ra's and sometime those numbers don't match the TWU and other sites….I've read in the forum the Liquidmetal was a noodle…even more than the IG version… 

    Maybe they are comparing the hoop flex vs either another hoop flex or thoat flex.

    Since the Bab RDC measures the flex in the throat…which would you say is the most flexible Prestige MP?

  6. @Tennis Warehouse How does the Head PT2 compare to the Head Prestige Pro as far as feel, control, crispness and power?

  7. I use radical rev pro … but I think it's still too light … is there the same specifications but it's rather heavy..thanks..

  8. Hey what would you consider to be a good racket to switch to ? I’m a pure strike 16 19 2 gen user and costumized to 12.7 oz

  9. Hi TW, 1/4 grip version sold out in Australia on the first day of release. Will there be anymore of this grip size shipped to Australia or do we now need to import it privately? Cheers

  10. Great podcast episode! Im rocking the new Prestige MP with vs touch in the mains and RS Lyon in the crosses holy mother of smooth.

  11. When we use the racket matching service, how long does the process usually take to find say 3 rackets of similar specs to ship out?

  12. I am using prince warrior 100 300 gm I kinda got addict but want to change the racket can you guys please make a videos where we can change or how to upgrade racket


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