Rewind time! What a year it has been, these are our favorite clips of 2018! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome ping pong trick shots and other fun stuff in 2019!
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Pongfinity is a Finnish content creator team specialized in table tennis. We do all kinds of ping pong related videos such as the Challenge Pongfinity series and various trick shot compilations.

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  1. #Challenge Everyone don't forget to subscribe if you haven't. The 200K mark has to be achieved before the year ends!

  2. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Raghu Seetharaman, Account Executive from Pongfinity. Please subscribe to Pongfinity on Patreon so that they can keep their channel alive. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, Pongfinity isn't able to play national and international tournaments which provides a bulk of their revenue. If you subscribe, they are offering a larger selection of merchandise and other perks.

    Thank you and take care!

    Raghu Seetharaman
    Account Executive
    Pongfinity, Inc.

  3. Эти удары ниже сетки но с краю, они защитываются по правилам?

  4. 니네 탁구 잘하면
    중국이랑 한국 상대로 금메달 딸수있겄냐?
    못하면 변사체된다~

  5. 그래도 탁구란 여러명이 토너먼트로 승부를 나누다 결국은 중국애들이 우승하는 경기잖아

  6. Добрый вечер, я уже не молодой как вы, но очень люблю теннис как вы. У меня никогда не было хорошей ракетки как у вас, подскажите пожалуйста как можно приобрести такую ракетку?


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