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  1. 2:24 – Federer v Djokovic: The Start of the Rivalry
    17:59 – Djokovic v Nadal: The Start of the Rivalry

    43:18 – 10 Minutes of Federer Backhands

    53:14 – Which Nadal was best?

    1:03:10 – Nadal v Federer trickshots

    1:11:30 – Djokovic v Federer best rallies

    1:19:45 – Novak Djokovic BEAST MODE

    1:29:45 – Federer v Nadal best rallies

    1:41:38 – Nadal v Djokovic best rallies

    1:55:37 – Federer v Nadal best clay rallies

  2. In choosing who is the best among the BIG3, like many have mentioned, there will always be debate. Comparing their achievements, each of them has incredible unique/stand alone records which are arguable if used to decide who is the best, like Federer has the most GS but Djokovic won non-calendar GS, or Nadal has the most MASTER but Djokovic has won them all, and so on…. Thus, it is very diificult to choose among them and in general we can consider them as EQUAL.

    In the situation like that, their H2H should be used as THE LAST RESORT to solve it… just like in football league or group stage competitions, when points – goal difference – goals scored are all tied, H2H is used to determine the league or group winner.

  3. Popularity and game style – Roger
    Competitiveness and physicality – rafa
    Technique, stats and overall – slightly leaning towards Nole

    But all 3 have served the sport well !!! Big void after they all leave!!! 😪

  4. When these 3 greats will retire only then you will determine who the GOAT is. And i hope it will be Rafa👍🤗

  5. People nowadays always talk about how Rafa's forehand isn't what it used to be… but nobody talks about how much he's improved his backhand. One of the main reasons he's still at the top.

  6. I find you forgot Andy Murray when you say « big 3 » because everyone was saying big 4 until his hip’s injury, and now everyone talk about 10 last years saying « big 3 » like Murray never exist…


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