He’s been labelled a brat and an embarrassment to Australia, but Bernard Tomic is far from apologetic about his bad behaviour, telling the public they should “get used to it”.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle, the 24-year-old Aussie tennis ace blamed a lack of motivation for his 2017 meltdown at Wimbledon, where he was fined $20,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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  1. There is a fine line between being am honest, open and candid person and just acting like a spoiled brat and saying hurtful and rude, arrogant things. The latter has nothing to do with being candid especially, if they are rude and offensive comments. It does not show his ability to be candid, but shows his lack of maturity and self-centered, self-entitled behaviour and poor attitude.

  2. "He's not good enough for my son" Tomics dad rejects Daniel Evans offer to have a hit up with Tomic (What a goose)… fast forward to Oct 2019 singles qualification Shanghai Masters, Daniel Evans over Tomic 6-0 in the 3rd

  3. Very good interview from himself and Melissa Doyle asked all the right questions. Bernard is a nice guy and this interview is a clear reflection of that. Yes he got a little carried away at times and that's forgivable in my view. At least now we know more about him and his honesty is good to hear. There is a maturity to him and later in life he may reflect differently. He just needs to develop mental space with the game and take it from there. Maybe one day he will coach, maybe he would love that side of the game. There are correlations with Andre here.

    You can see there is some pain with him and that's fine, he will find ways of coping.

    I wish him the best (still a great talent).

  4. I never understand why people spend so much money on sporting event and then start crying when people don’t play like superstars in every game. If he goes out in the first round then he goes out in the first round.
    I feel like he’s struggling to find happiness and fulfilment. I wish him all the best and hope he finds his true calling in life.

  5. I wonder if his father made him hate tennis. Never a good idea to have your father has a coach, especially if he’s a douchebag.

  6. just told my friend what an absolute weapon this lad is tonight, on the eve of him most likely losing the first round in my hometown..

  7. Both Kyrgios and Tomic will kick themselves in the ass in a few years once they look back at how they wasted their talent. Both major jerks.

  8. His eyes look really dead, Kyrgios is just a really moron who thinks his behavior is cool but Tomic looks he is in deep sadness

  9. The way this is edited you guys make it look like he's a deranged serial killer, not someone who's just unfulfilled

  10. He clearly has emotional issues, but the media are also really unfair. So he got speeding tickets? Oh, so he’s 24 and seems there is only picture of him at a club with some women.. what a monster… He’s having some life issues, clearly, but painting him as some evil monster because he goes out (like 99% of people his age) now and then is unfair. It’s stupid he is throwing his potential away but he’s a young kid and is rebelling, he’ll have to live with the consequences. Media loves a generating scandal..

  11. tennis didn't want him in the court because he was himself and a rebel. tennis is owned by a few around the higher table


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