Click For Free Video: Beginner Tennis Tips to Look Like a Pro (Top Speed Tennis)

Are you a beginning tennis player and often feel uncomfortable on the court? Do you want to learn some tricks to look like you are a bit more experienced? In this video I give you 3 small tips to help you get more comfortable on the court and start having more fun.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis.

Clay Ballard

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  1. Another common ball pick up method is to tap the ball into the ground and as it pops up tap it again to cause it to pop up high enough to catch. I think that one is pretty popular with experienced players as well.

  2. Thanks, whatever your name is. My son and I have learnt from you and will use next time on court playing the most beautiful game in the world xx

  3. These just make you look like a try hard tbh. No shame in being uncool or whatever as long as you actually play well but i guess looking cool is important for some people 🤷‍♀️

  4. My story? Heh, I basically got away with murder. NOT LITERALLY!!

    It all started with the tennis coach. Told him my grandma played and she taught me and I had good knowledge on how to play. Little did he know.

  5. So ummm I’ve never played tennis before and I was practicing with my friend today and it was ……pretty bad. The worst part is that not only am I just beginning but I’m going on the highschool boys team because I can’t do girls tennis because of marching band.

  6. From what I've seen, beginners and intermediates usually use the foot thing to pick up the ball. Pros usually use JUST the racket to bounce it up.

  7. I’ve played tennis for 5 years and I still can’t do the ball-foot-Racquet thing, I kind of can but I can’t get it up high enough to bounce it back to myself so I have just resigned to bending down😂

  8. I understand that there are 4 ways to hold the racket. What kind of grip would you suggest to serve, hitting a forehand and hitting a backhand?

  9. Man the thing that makes you cool is your game not how you pick up balls😂😂What are you talking about 😂😂

  10. Thanks bro I'm trying out for my high School tennis team unemployed of my life but it's pretty easy to join the team so I might as well do you know just kidding I just wanted to look up some tennis facks so I would look like pros in front of my friends


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