Barcelona vs Manchester United 2-6 RESUME From Last 2 Friendly Matches HD
1) FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 1-3 (2015)
2) Barcelona vs Manchester United 1-3 (2017)
High Definition

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  1. Manchester United made it four wins from four during Tour 2017, presented by Aon, on Sunday by beating Spanish and European champions Real Madrid on penalties in Santa Clara. Next up, the Reds face another of La Liga's giants, Barcelona, looking for a fifth victory in the US before continuing pre-season preparations in Europe.

  2. You should realise this.
    Game 1) Barca B vs Man utd A ( Only suarez played and got subbed before halftime) (This is a friendly)
    Game 2) Barca Legends v Man utd Legends. ( Friendly game not a competitive)

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