What happens when you shoot a ballistic ping pong ball going 450kph at a tennis ball?
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  1. Coat the ping pong ball with Teflon, coat the inside of the tube with Teflon, and use an extremely low viscosity and thin layer of synthetic lubricant.

  2. Hey physics girl, I want you to find something that appears, when I see a LED BULB image on the Mirror!!!

    Trust me: that is quite weird, u could see 2 RAINBOWS CROSSING.

    (not really a rainbow, just bundles of same pattern of colors. )

    Try it man!!!

  3. Having attended BYU, I thought that classroom looked familiar when you first showed it… I'm pretty sure I did custodial in that building my first summer term.

  4. Oh, You got the 1brown3blue Plush. Nice. (i'm not near him, i just wanted to write a comment because of this nice Thing.)

  5. But after everyone drives a semi, it's no longer safer than other cars… so you need bigger car still… so that's basically what arms race is all about.

  6. Is there some type of intellectual joke or Easter egg in the R2-D2 and Pi cussions? I am not one of the people who are smart enough to figure it out; but i'm sure there is some one out there who will find it and share it with me so I can enjoy it also. Volume of a shape with a circle as one of it's facets?

  7. If you have a vacuum reservoir you can launch more massive projectiles because as any air passes the projectile the vacuum continues to be pulled by the reservoir. I did a 3d printed projectile and it did a lot of damage. So, pull the vacuum with a few barbed fittings at the exit end into a 4" PVC pipe reservoir which is attached to the vacuum pump.

  8. Ping pong ball + red cups = beer pong.
    Also, one thing wrong in comparing the ball out of the gun to big things like cars: the blast of the air/gases is not a thing in other situations.


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