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In this video we preview the first part of our full video on the backhand serve which is available through our Serving Secrets Course on the PingSkills website. As a premium member you also get access to hundreds of other videos covering all aspects of table tennis.

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Good luck with your table tennis.

Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario

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  1. Ive heard that u must swing the bat from under ur arm and follow through. U didnt really cover this point in the video… is this essential or is it just useless??

  2. I play mostly all the time backspin and my serves have always backspin. Do you have a tip for an anti-topspin serve with backhand-backspin?

  3. I'm noticing that most of your serves bounce twice on the opponents side. I've watched your video about serving short and that has really helped, but I still can't seem to get it to bounce twice on the other side, no matter how soft or spinny I serve it. Any tips?

  4. this is a serve that i use in doubles and i m going into league games for my school. Do you have any advanced tips to help me with?

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could make a video (or just tell me about it here) about playing against someone who spins the ball a lot.
    How do I win?

  6. how do we return this serve? Im currently struggling to return this serve as the ball flies out of the table when i hit it

  7. Ping skills I have almost watched all your videos but I can't to serves nicely to is to hard plz help me

  8. hey alois,can you make the video about backhand sidespin serve? I always use that serve,but i want to improve it so i need some tutorial

  9. Hey, love your vids, your channel is excellent. In this stroke, does the bat brush more underneath, or the back of ball?


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