– Backhand Flick

In this table tennis turorial we teach you how to play the backhand flick. This shot is particularly useful against a short push or a short serve.

Music: Across the Room by Letter Box (from the YouTube Audio Library)

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Good luck with your table tennis.

Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario

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  1. Thanks for watching! Checkout all of our intermediate strokes tutorials on one page at: https://www.pingskills.com/tutorials/intermediate-strokes

    Jeff & Alois

  2. i admit its not easy to learn tt at first but because of pingskill tutorial info vid,now i call my self amature but in the sense of higher level…thank you soo much..

  3. I'm a beginner, and your videos are of great help. I had one question, though. In your serving rules video, you had demonstrated that you have to lift the ball vertically straight or else it's illegal, but here while serving, you're lifting the ball and pulling it towards your body. Isn't that an illegal serve?

  4. could you show these flicks and other tecniques for penholdersʔ
    some times it is difficult to ɡet the idea for penholders in some thinɡs

  5. Hi Coach! I want to ask how can we do this with penhold? Especially the one for returning the backspin. 😅

  6. I see pro player like fan zhendong usually use banana flick and never flick. Should i use banana flick instead of a normal flick?

  7. Hello, Alois, thanks again for all of your amazing lessons! I have hard time mastering my backhand. It is MUCH weaker than my forehand. I totally do not feel comfortable with it and the whole backhand move still feels very unnatural to me. How should I practice to improve the backhand? Where should I start? Are there some excersizes that I can do alone? Is there some way to practice it during a friendly match without engaging the opponent in passing specific balls?


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