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One of the most popular and versatile racquets ever made. With a noticeable boost in power and spin potential, this racquet provides better dampening, more comfort and a decidedly more muted feel than past versions of the Pure Drive.

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  1. Hi again! First i have to say that you give the best to tennis community.I see all your videos (and the old ones) cause you give me all the information i need.Additionally you ve helped me a lot answering me not only to new videos but to older ones , so i m thankfull.After seeing all your videos of all babolat pure drive editions (the 2015 is not existing any more!!!) i chose to purchase a used pure drive of 15.I think that 18 edition is more than "aero" style.Too much power and less control.Behind your words i think you missed the 2015 model.But i d like an answer comparing the 15 and 18 model what is your favour in terms of control , manoeuvrability and consistency in groundstrokes.

  2. Can you guys recommend me a good tension for Better control while maintaining high power regarding the fact I’m using RPM blast 16 ???

  3. Hi TW,
    I’m currently using the blade 16×19 countervail. That racket doesn’t give me enough spin, but lots of control. If I switched to this edition of the pure drive, will I be able to have a decent level of control over my shots?

  4. Hello TW, I’ve using the Pure Drive for like 3 years now and I love it but sometimes it’s too much power. I would love to try the Pure Strike 2019 16×19, which would you say are the differences, especially on the feel. I know the Strike is a little more control oriented, but what about the feel, stability, etc.

  5. I still play with the 2015 Pure Drive which I still love. Thanks for your play-test of that racquet, which in large part influenced my purchase. FYI, I would hate to play against Michelle (whose ground strokes are always well placed and oftentimes seem like line drives – good luck returning them!), Hannah (great foot work, quickness, and ball placement), Tiffany (great patience, every point), or Chris (Mr. Trick-Shot who disguises his shots so well and can seemingly get to almost any ball). Great TW team!

  6. Switching from a Dunlop 300G in a size 3,is it true that Babolat handles are bigger?Thinking of going for a size 2?

  7. I have this racket and it's great but I would also like a suggestion of a few other rackets that are similar that I can also try. Thanks!

  8. Had a hit with one yesterday. It's a power monster, but has almost no feel at all. Serious weapon on the serve though.

  9. Hey TW quick question. Im a senior in high school who has been playing tennis for a couple of years. Ive been playing with the Head TI s7 which I have enjoyed. I been wanting to buy a new affordable racket and I think I have come down to the choices of the Babolat Boost Strike and Babolat Boost drive. Any opinions on what to get? Im open to other considerations too around the 100 price point

  10. Hello tenniswarehouse….I like the previous version of the pure drive which is decent in control..can I buy the 2015 model.now...what will b the rackets shell life…it is recommendable to buy now…??

  11. My friend let me borrow his racquet for my season and omggg I actually played good😭 I used to use a $90 wilson racquet but now I want to buy this one

  12. Guys what do you think, if i take a new pure drive and get the strings for spin and control will i be able to generate as much spin as on the pure aero?

  13. Hello, would you please tell me if I should choose this one or Pure Strike? I'm an intermediate player, at best. Thank you

  14. I'm saving up some money to buy a new racquet. My current racquet is the 2012 Babolat Pure Drive and I'm a huge fan of it, I love the power and I honestly find it really comfortable to play (even with the really heavy weight).
    So, I'm wondering if the logical step forward would be getting this one. Would this be a good one to transition to? Because I'm also finding myself interested in the Wilson Pro Staff 97 so I wonder how the 2018 Pure Drive fares against that one. I like playing a Hard Hitting playstyle.

  15. Hi TW,

    If I wanted to get a bit more flatter strokes and more control, would stringing the racquet with Yonex Poly Tour Spin G at 57 pounds be a good option and what will the benefits be?


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