For International Women’s Day, we asked some of the biggest ATP tennis stars about the women that have inspired their careers… Subscribe to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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  1. PLEASE put on the players' names, it's not much to ask. Not everyone is such a dedicated tennis buff that they know who some of these younger or less well known players are. 2.49 and 4.43, sorry, don't know who you are. Thought the ATP wd be more professional than this; if the aim is to get more people interested in tennis, it helps to know their names.

  2. I would spend all my life to my mom . I ready to die for her anytime. That s all i can say love u all my heart mom.

  3. Respects to all moms particularly mine who passed away without whom we wont be where we are they show us every thing theh are our guide in every second of our lives the one we miss often is our mom…

  4. Thank you for the video, guys. But I would say players who aren't that comfortable speaking English could be allowed to tell their thoughts in domestic language because they aren't able to share them in English in a way they maybe wish. Translation to English then isn't a problem. Otherwise, brilliant stuff, the best tennis channel on YouTube, keep it up 🙂

  5. I'm SO glad they answered honestly, instead of being PC, and lying, "Billy Jean King", or "Hitlery Cliton", or "Soranus William". Or some other fake bullshitter.

  6. Not surprised they mentioned their mothers/wives/women they actually know. These players seem very down to earth, they're not gonna just fawn over celebrities they've never met.

  7. So basically except for Novak, no-one knows an inspirational woman unless she gives birth to them or takes care of them. hmmm.

  8. This is not mother's day. There are plenty of inspiring women out there that aren't part of your family. Bunch of mamas boys smh

  9. I can fill in for Rafa
    "Obviously I would say uhhhh….my mowtherrr. She-uhhh…she help me, in my career, to be, tennis player, a lot. Uh…she's uh.. unbeliebeble…unbeliebeble woman."


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