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  1. Interviewer : Rafa what's your superstitions on which you have faith…
    Rafa : I like doing wedgie. That's one thing which gives me power to serve. Of course I follow what uncle Toni says like what to wear..

  2. Djokovic’s meditation before matches isn’t superstition. It’s just the right thing to do before a stressful event.

  3. Do you like tennis?
    everyone : yes
    Novak : “ so first, tennis have their own unique technique and it’s very mentality challenging sport…”

  4. 0:42 he was gonna say: " using the same underwear the entire tournament" but prob thought that it was gonna sound too weird and changed what he said on the spot LUL xD

  5. I can't believe how slow ATP official really…
    French open release a statement said French open will be suspended till September, I hear this from my local news but as I click on ATP official website nothing has mentioned!?!

  6. I guess the shower thing is pretty universal… When empty, I always shower in the same box when in my gym or tennis club.

    Altho I will pick different ones if it is occupied.


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