ATP One Handed Backhand Slow Motion (All Angles) – Tennis One Handed Backhand Technique. The one handed backhand in tennis can be both a blessing and a curse. Technically a much more complex shot to execute than the two handed backhand it can lead to many hours of frustration on the practice court.

When fully mastered the single handed backhand can become a real weapon as it allows for much more freedom of movement and more potential power release compared to the two hander which is better for handling pace.

In this video coach and former ATP player Alex Slabinsky demonstrates the backhand from all angles in super slow motion. Great to use for analysis or as examples of how to hit a one handed backhand in tennis.

Players with the best one handed backhand include Stan Wawrinka, Roger Federer, Richard Gasquet, Tommy Robredo, Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Titsipas. Who do you think has the best one?

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  1. I really like this video. The lack of sound is helpful because there is not that distraction. I just want to absorb this image in my mind. Thank you.

  2. World class. I started with the 1H but switched to the 2H as it was easier to deal with a larger variety of balls. Think I might try the 1H again now that I have a "clean slate" from not being able to compete for so long.

  3. This is a good video as it is slow thus elaborating the motion and technique and elaborates clearly why One Handed Backhands are the way to go. On a similar note though have you done a video on how to gain more power through Hip Movement for One Hander? Power from the hips seems to be the fundamental base for power

  4. Awesome backhands! Any callous issues for Alex? Or is that just more of a beginner thing and it'll go away? Experimented with a one hander for a few weeks but the callous popped and just required a break!

  5. Don't take this too seriously. There is very little racquet head drop on the preparation resulting in this individual hitting a fairly flat ball. Notice how many returns are long past the baseline. Suggestion would be to drop the racquet more on the preparation and hit up more inducing more top spin. Thanks for the video.

  6. Very nice. Enjoyed watching ‘recovery’ footwork. Interesting that for some shots the racket head doesn’t drop under the ball ie flatter and maybe more attacking, and some the head gets well below the ball to get more topspin.

  7. I’ve studied Ash Barty’s one handed slice backhand. For an amateur, mine is pretty effective. I’m almost 65.

  8. Your backhand is amazing
    I use the one handed backhand and it is really hard to perfect it but when you are able to hit it, it can be a serious weapon
    Thx for the great video 👍👌

  9. Thanks Alex. Beautiful form. There are two things I notice. 1. You drop your racket head on the unit turn. This may not be a big deal but nearly every pro player keeps their racket head at the same level during the turn. This is simply more efficient. 2. You jump for high balls. I have learned to hit high balls with pace. I can hit winners from this shot. You should try to develop this shot because it takes time to jump and you lose recovery time. Also maintaining consistent balance could be an issue, depending on the much you are stretched. The high ball is hit across the ball and is almost a slice. Once you get this, tennis is less risky. Last small point, I could be wrong but it appears that you not quite relaxed when you hit. Try to relax more. Its easier said than done.


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