This game is a Tennis RPG where you have to gather the infinity stones before Thanos with Mario and friends, and that’s not even a lie

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  1. If Thanos had a tennis racket, this would be it. Am also streaming goddamn DayZ on Twitch when this comment is an hour old. Come join the session and be a part of the video highlights you see on this Youtube channel:

  2. Just a reminder that the Shadow Realm was an invention of the English Dub.

    In the original Japanese the losers are just sent to Hell

  3. sings in bohemian rapsody mario just killed a plant! Put a racquet near his head, hit the ball and now its dead!

  4. obviously the reason why the soul stone is not in the racket is because no one in this universe has a soul, exhibit A: toads face

  5. In Japan, soccer players create fire tornados and almighty spirits when they kick the ball, tennis players can slow the time itself and card players can summon divinities to send people to the shadow world.

    I kinda want to see two Japanese persons play Uno at this point.

  6. So, the Nintendo team was tripping balls and decided to combine the gameplay of a grindy RPG, Mario, A tennis game, and the plots of Yu Gi Oh and the MCU.

  7. You go to the pizza store down the street
    Tony the pizza man approaches you
    He says the only way for you to get your pizza is to play tennis
    things like this frequently happen throughout your day

    welcome to the life of Mario


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