The end of an era, Can we sign off in style with the grandest of slams? Thank you all.
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Wolf Level: UG Outlaw – Sylvain Jamais – Casey Wood

Hound Level: GameRiot – Thiago – Daxman – DOCD – Lianne – Brent Clapper – Rocky – Macximus – Hei – Jack MDG – Echo Phoenix – Byrne Z – Alyska – Pani Ka – Chris Riches

Puppy Level: Rob Diton, Gladys Abad, Chriss Erik, John Barron



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  1. Thank you for all of the support on this series my friends it's been a wild ride, Now it's time for Mr. Healy to retire. Love you guys <3

  2. What a journey and improvements you made in this series! And after watching your golf with friends, now I know where the trash talk comes from XD

  3. All good things must come to an end!! Healy showed his natural ass for his last match I’ll say lol Btw I say this a lot but your commentary always on point.

  4. Congrats, bro! Awesome fun to have watched this series. Nice bit of fun to watch on my lunch-breaks at work. Cheers!

  5. A suggestion, u should do a carreer with a next gen player, like tsitsipas, or zverev or de minaur, it would be amazing, keep doing your great work


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