So we have back to back chapters of Oda literally flexing on the plot points developed for several arcs. One Piece 974 may be the beginning of an insane run for the story… I’M HYPE

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  1. remember when franky said "maybe we need more ships"? and this chapter a beast pirate said "didn't we sink all enemy ships?"

  2. I find it hard to hate Kanjuro, he became what he is now because of the persecutions of Wano.

    All the emotions during the whole thing was nothing for him, how could a person turn like this ??
    I just hope at the end of the arc that they finally let go of the kurozomi grudge.

  3. This chapter is the second hypest shit I've read in all of 2020, IG somehow spoiled me, my intuition was spot on smh.

  4. Actually many of that clyde guy details are just ripoffs of the confirmed predictions of marco one piece theorist what a maroon

  5. I know we love one piece guys but Remember this Jesus Christ is literally at the door!!! It's time to stop giving into our stumbling blocks and get right with him before he returns and we are not ready!! JESUS Christ is the only God and as things get worse may you remember this post!! Repent my friends Jesus is real

  6. After I see the end of chapter 974…
    I want a large reinforcement:
    1.Hyogoro with full army of mafian and samurais
    2.Nekomamushi with Marco, Izo, and remnants of Whitebeard Pirate
    3.X Drake & Basil Hawkins convince Scratchmen Apoo to join Straw Hat alliance

  7. Predictions for Wano:

    All of the scabbards will die at the end of Wano and become the literal ghost of Wano.

    Orochi will die

    Law will die

    Kaido will die

    Blackbeard will steal kaidos devil fruit

    Shiki or rocks will show up

    Eustass kidd is a D

    Luffy will meet shanks

  8. I wonder how Kanjuro's drawing on the boat didnt started to raise suspicions with all the water splashing and the rain…. Also, what happened with shinobu on the coast?

  9. Maybe they knew he was the traitor all along, theres a lot of moments where they couldve planned this heelturn on kanjuro, maybe bringing him along with the plan until the very end. The beast pirates are already at the middle of the sea, this would be the perfect time for them to turn around and bring out the original plan that they had, just like in zou everyone was playing dumb until the very end. I just feel like this was the check mate of their plan, they have the beast pirates surrounded, they're in the middle of the sea no escape there, and they still have momonosuke which is the main target

  10. You my favorite anime reviewer great voice. Do you ever thinking doing animation voice over keep up the great work. Thank You for all my One Piece update.

  11. But the hole that i’m confused about
    Why didnt kyoshiro told the scabbards via hiyori that this painter is the traitor ?

  12. Since this reveal

    Everybody & they grandma: I aLwAyS hAd a GuT fEeLiNg It WaS KaNjUro…since blahblahblah!" 😒🙄…fuckin right! Everybody thought it was Law, Shinobu, Raizo and even fucking CARROT!


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