This is a video containing some angry tennis players smashing their rackets. Including Nadal ‘almost’ smashing his racket.

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  1. ストレス発散のために地面に叩きつける用のラケット何本あるんだろうw ラケットの予備がなくなったら、相手に借りるか変形したラケット使うのかなぁw

  2. I don't play tennis but table tennis instead. I feel sad just accidentally dropping my racket. It is so precious to me. ;-; The racket has been with me for over 12 years…

  3. Being a sports man, should learn to face both win and loss, they must except win or loss in professional way each of them revealed there weak in public. They are not matured enough for this situation, what a poor people!


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