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  1. Even though he wins this match David Ferrer would have to wait four more years before he'd crack the world's Top 10. Just imagine David Ferrer's heart and fighting spirit inside Nick Kyrgios's body… what a player that would be!!!

  2. Everyone who plays sport hits a purple patch, where you play the best you can play plus 10%, the thing is, you don’t play like this ALL the time, that’s the difference between good and great players in any sport.

  3. If everyone came to the game in next gen w this mans work ethic there would be two or three slam winners from them already but they're all soft af between the head. Shapo is the most talented player I've seen since McEnroe yet cannot get out of his own way.

  4. Weak era?Really?
    Some of these players can destroy easily the actual next gen.Only people who don't see tennis in the 2000's can say that.

  5. Thanks very much for posting this. I love Ferrer and wish he had won a Grand Slam event. Great respect for this fantastic player.

  6. Ferrer at his best comes very close to Agassi. Chuck Agassi in the Big 3 Gen and he’s get cooked by not 1 but 3 Sampras’

  7. He surely hit the ball WAY more down the line with his backhand earlier on. Guy goes cross court 99.5% of the time.

  8. Hell of a career, wrung every last ounce of potential he had. A good role model for up and coming players.

  9. Big 3: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic
    Big 4: Federer, Nadal Djokovic, Murray
    Big 5 Federer, Nadal Djokovic, Murray, Ferrer

    We can't call Ferrer a top 10 player. We should call him a top 5 player. During the big 4 era.

  10. Unbelievable to think that I was watching this match live back then. Nice memories! Happy Birthday, David Ferrer 🙂


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