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  1. I probably wouldn't be playing tennis if it wasn't for Agassi. He made me and many others want to go out and learn the game.

  2. This really spot lighted how penetrating and powerful his shot was. He put Federer on his heels, that's amazing. He was special!

  3. Such a FANTASTIC vid! Fans of tennis of the last 10-12 years, who endlessly argue about “who’s the GOAT” (and base that only on stupid analytics like # of GS titles)…missed the greatness of Agassi. A fantastic player, and someone who’s journey was so varied and so wonderfully HUMAN…that it is truly inspiring

  4. The man that made me love tennis, I would not be playing today if not for you… thank you ♥️♥️

  5. Sampras is extremely overated compared to Agassi.Agassi at least got Careee Slam while Sampras was bad on clay.
    Sampras was and is just overated by this western media like the swiss.

  6. I wasn't here when he still played, sadly. But man I wish I could play against him competitively. Right now I'm just really hoping to get to the ATP tour before Federer drops out. That would be a dream come true. I also started a youtube channel to show my journey and to share my knowledge. Support would be appreciated!😁🙏🏻

  7. Thanks for the video, Tennis TV! I love Andre so much…
    Agassi used to own the record for most master title wins, then Novak and Rafa came around and they've set a record with 34 and 35!!!
    They're are truely monsters of this sport.

  8. Miami has Andre as the king. Federer has Wimbledon and Djokovic has Australian open. Nadal has Garros, Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

  9. Hell of a player but always kissing up to the crowds in such an insincere phony way! He was desperate for affirmation just like Nole has done the last 10 yrs.

  10. The most "memorable" memory: The ending of his career after the third round loss against Benjamin Becker at the US Open 2006. A lot of emotions on both sides of the screen – Agassi had tears in his eyes and so did I. As another commentary put it, the cleanest ballstriker ever. One of a kind.

  11. Hair piece era Agassi was the most coolest to look at and the most charismatic to watch out of anyone that's ever played the game!!

  12. If you want to improve your ball striking skills check out this channel

  13. Perhaps they should have changed Miami's name to Agassi in the 2000s. People would be saying, "Hey, let's go to Agassi Beach," and "My flight to Brazil next week has a layover in Agassi." Dang, he owned that place.

  14. One of the greatest. He won Wimbledon playing from the baseline, while Sampras couldn't with his serve &volley in RG, nothing will equal that.


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