Russian President Vladimir Putin could stay in power until 2036 after lawmakers voted in favor of a last-ditch proposal to reset the clock on the leader’s presidential term count in an updated version of the constitution.

Under current Russian law, Putin is required to step down as president in 2024, when his second consecutive term in office comes to an end.
The proposed constitutional amendment was brought by MP Valentina Tereshkova, a loyal Putin supporter, and called for the presidential term limit to either be scrapped or simply for Putin to be allowed to run for president again. CNN’s Matthew Chance reports.

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  1. Putin using the virus as a smoke screen to return Russia to a dictatorship.
    Russia has barely been touched by the virus.

  2. Common CNN, Navalniy is a joke, you should know that; come up with some real strong opposition candidate, not that clown

  3. As a proud Russian I must say FUCK NO. I DONT NEED HIS BS ANYMORE. NOW HES BEING A DICTATOR. The Soviet Union died in 1991. You can’t revive it in 2020 jack ass Putin. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE KREMLIN

  4. The worst man that ever existed if this thing can be called a man. Every single man in the world is better than him. Fucking dictator with little penis and inferiority complex. Even reptilians are better than him

  5. The old KGB communist colonel is at it again. He wants to continue his dictatorship for 16 more years!!! I pity the good Russian people!! Death to tyranny! !!

  6. I wonder in the wake of the U.N. publishing the global climate report that calls for a drastic change in carbon emissions and natural resource consumption how would a drastic change in worldwide population numbers effect that set demand for change? Would it make an impossible goal possible? If so does this have any merit to consider this epidemic to be apart of the rumored agenda 21 designed by the U.N.'s former founding organization that it transitioned from after the prohibition era in their effort to become a legitimate organization instead of the illegal syndicate it was once known as when they were the illuminati. A decision made when they last met at the infamous Rockafeller meeting

  7. Russia is a threat to the whole world. Putin can send you polonium or other poison. This is a threat to democracies around the world.

  8. Having a true democracy like Russia is a sign of good government. America is not exclusive in having term limits on certain officials, that need to be removed regardless. Having Presidents and Vice Presidents determined by an Electoral College is unique and not really democratic, so those positions really need to be limited because of zero trust in a two party system of corruption.

  9. Well this is for all the russians that over and over again online claiming that russia is democratic, all the while the rest of the world have already knowned as fact that Putin is your ruler having been in power as president and PM back and forth for over 2 decades. His true colors are finally out for all to see..RIP russian democracy..i dont care how good someone is, the reason for term limits so the people have the power and right to choose a different path, can usher change.

  10. Hmmm something sounds vary fishy about this….. Maybe another Russian dictator Jk Please Don’t Assassinate Me Russia🤗

  11. Dont care. I dont live in Russia.
    This is not a Communist country.
    Unless you vote for Bernie. Then it will be Communist Russia all over America.


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