Throwing it in your own net v Chelsea was one thing lad, BUT THIS? Adrian has gone one (probably multiple actually) steps too far and now Liverpool are out of the Champions League to Atletico.. This is a ram-packed FTW, featuring a world ending virus, the Manchester Derby and Ronaldinho becoming a convict. Just the average week then..

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  1. 4:10 What injuries? Only Kane is out. And Son. And Sissoko. And Bergwijn. And Sanchez. And Davies. And Foyth. An… Nvm.

  2. Jurgen klopp: could be the 2nd manager to win back to back champions leagues
    Adrian: I'm about to end this mans whole career

  3. It’s funny how he took a break during the WW3 meme and came back to the corona virus and only posted like 3 football game videos the rest are FIFA

  4. It’s not that it is a super deadly virus it’s that they want to stop the spread to contain it befors it gets lut of hand

  5. Every time u start a ftw video u should say 'Good Ebening' because u haven't said much bout Unai and its making me sad very very sad crys


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