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Today we show you a technique to get more power on your serve. This video is for players with a PlayYourCourt rating of 70 and up.

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  2. Good video otherwise, but a bit misleading when you demo the "no legs" section, because you're clearly still bending the knees and pushing off the ground with your legs, you're just not going airborne. Pushing with the legs is what gives you the natural acceleration to the shoulder rotation.

    Also, should you really consciously drop the tossing arm? I've heard many coaches say the serve is initiated with the legs and the tossing arm drops as a natural consequence of the leg drive leading to your shoulders rolling.

  3. This video made my serve way better and faster, it is awesome but my shoulder hurts, i would like to know if i am doing something wrong. Please help because i really want to keep using this technique!!

  4. When I was a kid, my coach explained it by drawing an analogy between a toss and shooting an arrow out of a bow into the sky. Indeed, when one flexes the bow aiming into the sky, the body inevitably turns sideways, and shoulders align into the shoulder-over-shoulder position.

  5. This shoulder over shoulder info is a game changer. This key serve concept has never been mentioned during any, of many 💸 tennis lessons. Thanks guys.

  6. Hey guys. I just subscribed. As a coach who’s still new to teaching who struggles with serving and teaching serve this really helps. Been coaching 3 years and you guys have some really great lessons.

  7. Great video! I have a problem where my racquet opens up too early right when I start to go up to the ball (so this is right after the "trophy pose"). The racquet face is not on edge when going up to the ball which means I'm not getting power from pronation (which adds so much more racquet head speed). Any tips?

  8. This is so incredibly incorrect. A good video of a so-called coach who knows absolutely nothing how force is generated.

  9. Awesome. I have a big serve and I find that forgetting to extend my left hip takes a lot off of it and keeps me from going shoulder to shoulder rotation. Thanks so much for the reminder. Why compare your ratings to USTA? Be bold. Stick to your own system. You guys are great..

  10. As a basketball player and a tennis player I can Def say you're concept of leg drive not being useful is wrong. I'm hitting 120mph serve and it's all coming from the legs jumping into the ball.

  11. The continuous swing of the racket and the fluid circular motion is more important than this jerky motion. Law of inertia dictates that fluid motion means more power. You want to talk about the serve of Sampras look how fluid his motion is. The motion of the racket head is the 90% reason for power in all tennis shots.

  12. Great explanation and analysis. Not so great demonstration such as your spinning and arcing ball toss, weird backward airplane wing left arm leaving you with poor balance (sometimes falling off to the left) instead of pulling that arm into your chest, etc. Also, if you're going to discuss serve power, you must include the importance of pronation in your lesson.

  13. 90% of serve power comes from the speed of the shoulder over shoulder movement.. which is basically the power of your serving shoulder. Summary: the power of your serve comes from the power of your arm and shoulder.

  14. Very good analysis. I agree with what you have said about Andy Roddick. I admired his short version compact hit of the ball, but Roddick's posture with butt outward was not the right way. Bending knees and shoulder to shoulder were excellent techniques.

  15. Is shoulder over shoulder to say front shoulder higher than back shoulder? I don’t understand the use of the word “over”… wouldn’t that mean one is on top of the other ?

  16. Oh my man how wrong u r,this days everybody is a coach!the power comes from yours shoulder rotation ,uperbody rotation as with forhand and backand.why r u guys doing this giving bad advice to tennis players of all age .u shuld be ashamed.

  17. I was under the impression that tilting your body upward was just to ensure that you were swinging forward and up on the ball. Isn’t the kinetic chain or uncoiling of the linkage system where all the power comes from? I might not be understanding the video properly 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  18. Talk less. Demonstrate more!! You guys are in love with the sound of your voices far too much. Talk less. Demonstrate more.

  19. Nate, good video. I've been studying a lot ot the pro's service motion and definitely see what you mean. The old school "down together up together" advice on the service is dead. The only guy out there that still does this I think is Stan Wawrinka. Everybody else I see gets the tossing arm up before the racquet starts moving up and that I believe enables you to get that shoulder tilt and SOS thing going. Stan still gets good pop on the serve but I wonder how much better it would be if he hit it like all the others do.

  20. I get a great shoulder tilt and I get my hip out. But I have a huge problem with a low elbow during the swing. Any tips/drills on how to fix this?


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