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  1. As a frenchman i have to say i've always felt kinda desperate with him… The guy is extremely talented but he's got the brain the size of a snail. he never had any strategy or tactic approach to his games, he's just an athletic showman. His record in tournament finals also tells how mentally weak he's proven himself throughout his career. With his abilities he should have been able to perform so much more on clay or even on hard court. 2 GC semifinals are no accomplishment considering what he could have been able to achieve.

  2. The common point of this matchs is that after all of them he did not continue to play tennis, in 2009 it was the end of the season, in 2016 played great in Monte carlo but was injured after and did not play the rest of the clay court season including the French open. After the match against nishikori in Montreal 2017 he did not play cincinnati and had to quit at the US open 3rd round due to injury. In 2019 he beats Kholshreiber in what is for me the match of his life in terms of tennis and then he did not play the next match and even the next month due to injury and dropped the dynamic. 2020 ? I have no words for it… Match points against Djokovic for a 13th win in a row and potential back to back to back titles + being ranked number two in the race before IW, did not convert and the coronavirus came… This is the story of Monfils

  3. Some people say Monfis has enough stamina, but I think that he often looks tired and finally lost the match. Of course, there's some matches in this video which he finally won. And he wins the tournament in good week for him.

  4. I love the Monf, he's very athletic and a charismatic player…but I don't agree that you put the match against Nadal in this category….he lost the 3rd set 0-6….it was a good match but not a reference for "God" mode…

  5. man these plays and the match itself, against Nishikori was so freaking epic (Montreal, 5:32).. omg, he just passed all the limits, totally god mode! its just absurd the kind of quality and importance, at the same time, of the points he played.. he was 3-5 at 3rd set, Nishi serving for the match, 30-all, he just rips 2 insane winners!!!! and then breaks, confirms, and the drama just continues when Nishikori now has 3 match points man, in the tie break!!!!!!!!!!! no mistake, just 3 insane shots again.. he was something else that day

  6. Monfils is a special player,he play tennis because he loves the sport and he likes to have fun,that's what we all like about him,but I think if he had more ambition he could've achived so much more in his career I sure,but he's not a waste talent like Kyrgios,and the reason is simple,he love his job,something very important in life by the way.

  7. Monfils always has physical problems against Djokovic and Nadal ends up looking tired. It's not physical it's mental to me.

  8. That forehand against Nadal in Monte-Carlo (1-1, 40-15) is so geometrically implausible, I’ve never seen someone hit a forehand that low and hard and still have it go in. Unbelievable


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