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Here are the best 5 table tennis serves that help you win. One of the best table tennis serve tutorial. You think you have a good serve, then watch this video. The 5 killer serves to destroy your opponent in table tennis.

Special thanks to Dan (from TableTennisDaily), Tischtennisclub Rapid Luzern Club, ITTF, Stiga Table Tennis. Without their help, we can not finish this tutorial.

Dan vs Ovtcharov video:

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  1. Ur language make think about my canadian ex gf ..it hurts a lot… But im here for the table tennis, so lets enjoy the video and forget the girl…lol

  2. Great video as always coach .. France is now easing the lockdown and you will play again soon .. Keep safe and healthy

  3. Hi everyone ,I have recently started a YT channel based on table tennis trickshots. Please check it out if you wish to

  4. Love this video. Could you make video of how the pro players are able to read the serve before you even do it. I have played with Very good player which said he knows what i am going to serve and where just from after i throw the ball and before i even do it. Thanks again for the good video. Glad you r back!

  5. Awesome serves and guys do check this out
    MY Table tennis trickshots part 1….
    Pls watch and support guys
    You are bound to enjoy it

  6. Hi emratthich can you advise me that where to buy original Chinese rubber specialy dhs hurricane 3 national


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