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Developing a strong, consistent tennis forehand is all about following an effective training program which is exactly what this five day series will give you! Each day we’ll be focusing on a different element of forehand success.

Day 2 addresses effective and efficient forehand footwork patterns. If you follow the drills in today’s lesson you’ll develop the knowledge of what solid forehand footwork patterns are and how to integrate them into your play by using the demonstrated drills. Knowing how to move efficiently is crucial to what’s coming up in the next videos.Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the rest of this series as it becomes available!

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  1. Great lesson. I'm a pretty solid 4.0 player, and I feel like my forehand is my best shot. Notwithstanding, I spent a good hour yesterday working on the day 1 drills. I did not have a hitting partner, so I did it all self-feeding with a camera set up. Although self-feeding was not nearly as fun as hitting with a partner, I got a lot of good work in. Also, the camera allowed me to identify that I have too much bend in my hitting elbow. I made a few adjustments and voila, consistency went up. Now onto the footwork drills! I'm excited to do these and look forward to day 3! Thanks.

  2. Hi Ian:

    Just curious….you look very natural right-handed. Did you ever think about playing with two forehands? Great videos, thank you very much.

  3. Great 5 days training series on a killer forehand! Love them all and thanks so much for making the videos! I'm doing my"reps" to transform (hopefully!) my forehand so it's work-in-process. A question about the finish position – when you finish the shots, should your body squarely face the court or your body rotate so the right shoulder point to the court like some of Kevin's shots? I think he did both with various shots. Thanks very much!

  4. Toward the end of the video, Kevin is hitting a pretty short ball, at about where the kids 60' baseline blue line is. If you are that much inside the court, moving back is illogical and can even put you at a disadvantage. Kevin and Ian know it. Instead of retreating to the baseline, why not practice moving forward through the shot into the service box and split step? In a way, it's teaching bad habits, kind of like some pros teach serve toss isolated from weight transfer.
    Other than that, I like the video.

  5. I love this video. Practicing these footwork patterns really changed my play. Will there be one like this for the backhand?

  6. Totally awesome. I hit with an open stance if I arrive late or hit the ball late so I can consistently hit the ball out in front of me and early. On the dead run, I would only hit with a closed stance if I was going to go for a winner, as you cannot return back to the center in time before your opponent would hit to an open court.

  7. Once again great work guys. Loved the multi demo's and well timed commentary. Made it super easy for me to copy these in the living room. 😄

  8. Hey guys! Weird question: my palms get pretty sweaty after around 30 minutes of playing that makes my racket slip alot any tips you have?🤔
    The only thing that I've found is putting baby powder on my hands to reduce some of the sweat but that's pretty short lived as a solution

  9. Might use these for my ms tennis team which are mostly beginners, just tough to keep them from focused and not go back to old ways of slapping down and hitting the net

  10. i just watched kevin's vid on forehand alignment and figured out what i have been doing wrong all this time.

  11. i was wondering if there is a right way to prepare for forehand (the takeback)? i been just watching pros and trying to copy a takeback that i feel comfortable with. Is this a good way of learning? And also thanks for the great video!

  12. I love when the stars align! Perfect lesson when I needed it most! Spent two hours this morning working on day 1 drills, then came home to find this video waiting. Now have drills lined up for tomorrow! Great series!

  13. Grab your Forehand Worksheet here:


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