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Developing a strong, consistent tennis forehand is all about following an effective training program which is exactly what this five day series will give you! Each day we’ll be focusing on a different element of forehand success.

Day 1 addresses fundamentally sound swing technique. If you follow the drills in today’s lesson you’ll develop good weight transfer, body rotation, swing looseness, and length of swing which will really set the stage for everything else to come later.

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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.




  1. Hey I really enjoy your videos!!! I've been watching ever since I got into tennis. I've played for 8 months now and just wanted to say thank you for the videos I use them in my training.

    Any tips for beginners would be greatly apreciate it. Please feel free to contact me

  2. Question: What grip to use eastern or semi-western? I have developed pain on the inside of elbow ( like Golfer's elbow and use semi-western grip). Appreciate any feedback if possible?

  3. On 2nd step you changed grip, angles, depth and way of backswing. So your lessons doesn't work even for yourself. How it could help someone else 😂😂

  4. Watching through 5 videos, I retrived my best forehand which I played at high school.
    These movies have literally essential tips I guess. Much obliged

  5. how do i do the drills if i dont have acces to a tennis court ? only a ~8 foot tall wall on a hard surface ? are there any adaptations? , "short court rally " with a wall how do i do that ? the ball gets really fast eventualy if i wait for one bounce only .. any tips?

  6. attenzione che nella pag.2 del foglio di lavoro in download , le prime due descrizioni sono ripetute uguali :"Focus on core rotation, arm relaxation, and weight transfer. Racquet over opposite

    shoulder on the follow through. it's error ?

  7. Excellent video! Thank you for your consistent, comprehensive, and practical videos . They're so instructive. Aren't you a lefty? Now you appear ambidextrous as well. Same with me which makes me a very unorthodox player. Thanks again.

  8. Nice video but your forehand looks less than continuous on some of the easy balls.. What I mean is you stop your swing or slow it down rather then waiting and using a more fluid swing.


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