This is part 2 of Balance in Tennis and in this video you can learn 4 simple drills that help you improve your balance and stability on your forehands and backhands and therefore gain better control of the ball.

The first drill is just drop feeding the ball to yourself and staying balanced for a few seconds after you’ve hit the ball.

The second drill is doing similar but while you play. So after you hit the ball maintain your position (or transfer weight) and feel the balance.

In the third drill use a soft ball and place it under your foot and squash it while you simulate the strokes. Make sure to keep the heel on the ground!

The fourth drill is done in the gym on the BOSU ball where you also practice all stances for forehands and backhands.

I also suggest you check out various channels for more complex balance exercises.

Here’s how complex is Novak Djokovic’s balance training:


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  1. Sorry i read the answer afterwards. thanks Tomaz

    hi Tomaz, i liked it very much and i have a question : for my part i thought that you should be on " tip-toes" for your footwork so what i find difficult is the transition between tip-toes and full foot on the ground when making your shot. As i watched your vid till the end i realised that may be the split step should be the time to change from tip toe to plain foot on ground to move to the spot where you want to be when hitting the ball.
    Any comment on that ?

    May be i should not think about it and all will come naturally but watching your videos really help focusing on parts that are not all "natural" for recreational player like me.
    Any way thanks a lot, you changed my tennis forever.
    cheers from France.

  2. I m following ur video from few days. From our school days , I used to watch tennis for time pass. Now I am making my daughter learn tennis and asking her to take tennis seriously. She is giving a lot of effort. As we dont have better or u can say good basic coaching classes I am playing with her morning n evening just to keep her rhythm. As I dont have any idea of technique I used to c lot of YouTube video. But more I c d video more I get confused. From few days I started watching ur video I m getting better n clear picture of tennis. Keep uploading more video so parents can learn n give more efforts from there side.

  3. Hey Tomás! I am confused because we are always told to stay on the balls of our feet, so what are we supposed to do? Stay on the balls and on the last step step in with the heel to stay balanced?
    Great content as usual keep it up and stay safe!

  4. The connection between a stable base and stable wrist is known as the kinetic chain. Balance and stability of the lower body more efficiently transfers energy through the hips to the core and finally the upper extremity. As you pointed out if you have a death grip or if you arm the ball you kill much of the potential energy.

  5. I have self isolated for the last week or so and have been thinking about balance and poise a lot. I thought about several weeks when I played tennis with really cheap shoes. They were actually wrestling shoes and the soles were so thin I started walking on eggshells. I played unbelievably and the chief thing I noticed was that my heels were always off the ground, but that the bottoms of my feet were very close to parallel with the ground at all times. Further, when I played table tennis as a kid, My swing evolved away from the use of ground force. I ended up always turning my toes so the foot pointed away from the target on every shot. That puts them in the position where you can land on the inside of the ball of the foot on every shot. Finally, connection and poise seem to me to be initiated by a slight stretch in the wrist/finger at the end of the backswing and flicking the racquet down and out with that finger or thumb to hit your groundstrokes.

  6. Hey! Thanks alot for this video. I started learning tennis in my early 20s and i tend to stay on my foot with my heels lifted so that i can react or run faster. Seeing this video i feel my technique is quite wrong and i often tend to loose balance while hitting short balls. I will trying following your advice, any other tips for someone who has a messed up basic technique😅

  7. Hi Thomas, great video as always, I have one question… Planting the foot in the ground for me is clear in the backhand and in the close or neutral stance forehand, but in the open stance forehand is not that clear, we can plant the right foot before the swing, but when our swing starts we should rotate that right foot elevating the heel, right? And that's makes more difficult to me to have that sensation of stability after an open stance forehand


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