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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.



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  1. Don't stop here! Grab your free PDF action plan to take your forehand to the next level:


  3. Could you tell me the lady coach name? Can you record more video from her? I really like her and her clear accident thank you very much!

  4. Just curious do any of these tennis coaches have formal training or a college degree in kinesiology or body mechanics?

  5. Does racket string tension affect the amount of topspin that can be applied to a tennis ball?

  6. What is important here is to teach proper shape and rhythm whether its topspinn or slightly flatter ,what I find with most beginners is wanting to cream the ball with no purpose and sadly some coaches don't emphasize feel, again a great video with simple and clear ideas for a starter

  7. Ааахренеть!! Она даже ракетку под золото покрасила для видосов!!😝🍥😝 Вот придурки то!!😎

  8. Does anyone else find it incredibly difficult to time the ball using a swing path that is so vertical? I feel like the vast majority of Club players aren’t going to be able pull this off consistently. There needs to be a shift towards a simpler and easier swing path so players that aren’t pros can develop some consistency.

  9. I have a question for you if you can make a video about my question my question is when you serve the ball for some reason I have put a backspin on a tennis ball I don't know how I did that and plus on that back hen I have put a backspin on the tennis ball can you explain how someone with not a lot of tennis experience have did that

  10. Hello my name is John William Madden and I am a tennis player here in Hernando Florida I am playing singles in the special Olympics I have seen some of y'all videos and I have took that knowledge and put it into my practice on the weekends

  11. Verbal explanation is so key to your video. Wishing you tour Norcal someday. Love to attend a camp with you guys.

  12. I don't think that maximizing topspin is the answer to every shot you play in tennis. moderate spin is okay to clear the net and land in court but it's becoming a craze now


    can anybody tell me how to hit my forehand better?

  14. I really love playing tennis but I don't have my own racket 😢 I just borrowed tennis racket from my coaches because Tennis Racket is very expensive here in the Philippines.

  15. Vertical acceleration? You are trying to hit a topspin forehand, not a topspin lob. Trying to hit a ball with a tacked on windshield wiper motion is never ever going to work, that’s really bad advice.

  16. Trying to redevelop my forehand, so I do have an important question; do you have to snap your wrist in order to add racket head speed to the forehand????!

  17. Hi, ATP player and soon-to-be coach here. Just gonna say that these tips work only if you are an ultra (emphasized) beginner. With even a little bit of tennis ability, the only "tip" that works here is Ian's, and is what the pros do for topspin. Swing path isn't that relevant as people with relatively! straight swing paths get huge amounts of topspin viz. Roger. Last event I was in, Grigor hit a forehand winner with 4.2k rpm, and he has a pretty flat swing path. Also, long ago it was established that no pros hit with a perpendicular racquet face. like ever. Even from vids of myself, there is always an angle downward….might be very small, might be very large but it's always there. Thing is, you don't change the angle of the racquet during the shot – I agree that can't be controlled, but if you start your forward swing with a closed racquet face, then you're bound to hit the ball with a closed racquet face. Ez pz lemon squeezy.

  18. hy …i love your videos….very instructive… i 've send you my email to receive the plan for forehand accuracy and also for forehand maximum topspin but they are not arrived ….not even in the spam section of my email…..i've sent a message to you on facebook…..can you please explain me why the pdf via mail doesn't arrive?…….

  19. I disagree. Agree with Alex X below. Covering the ball with a slight tilt of the racquet (or even bigger tilt) is the only way to hit topspin like the pros, with lots of spin and speed. In fact, the wrap around effect on the ball is what gives best spin and control (why it looks like some players are flinging the ball off their racquet). Are you forgetting that the strings both retract and grab the ball? – though not much with easy hitting. It is understandable that this is hard to do unless there is just enough racquet speed to "grab" the ball, but I can't understand why vertical racquet face is taught here unless you are teaching only beginners. It would seem that you are just being contrary to other advanced instruction to impress the viewer that you know better. Sorry that I am a bit self righteous about this.

  20. Hi ! I love your video!
    I'm a fan of Novak Djokovic and i love sliding on the court no matter the suface ! I can do it only with the forehand but with not the backhand. Can have an advice to do the slide with my backhand ?
    Thank you for answers !

  21. Good timing… just had a lesson last evening, and my shots were hitting the top of the net… need more bottom to top swing… love Kirby, and the gold bling racket


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