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  1. This shot is one of those indicators that rafa's in the zone, if he's confident enough to hit this any opponent should be terrified

  2. What is so great about this is the reactions of Rafa’s opponents. They’re just laughing half the time. Like “how?”

  3. Some of these weren't banana-shots. And the one from the Australian Open Semi-Final of 2009 is conspicuously absent :O! Lol.

  4. Out of all his banana shots, my all time favorite is the one which he hit against Verdasco in 2009 aus open semifinal. It still gives me goosebumps.
    And that match is my all time favourite match above 2012 aus open final, 2008 Wimbledon final
    Nothing can beat that.

  5. That point vs Ferrer in Wtf is just wtf!!! See the ground he had to cover after producing an ombilebable passing shot!

  6. A lot of these shots had almost no sidespin on them. They were great shots though 🙂 5:27 That's what I'd call a "banana" forehand.


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