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  1. I don’t know if this is a good thing to say but.. Do you think Dimitrov mimick the movement( backhand, forehand, etc) of Federer? They look like the same to me…

  2. Definition of powerful is, the more might and skill the more humble person becomes. Feel so much joy to see when player compliments each other.

  3. Notice how many times Novak appears in this video. Much more often than Fedal. Not only the other two do it rarely, but they also do it in an ugly forced way. This is one of the reasons why I always claimed that Novak, despite having his moments, was always and will always be a sincerer sportsman than the other two. Novak fairly admits when the opponent outplays him. Nadal is okay-ish in that regard too, even tho he has an angry face whenever he loses. And Federer…? Ugh.

  4. At 3:10 did anyone noticed the advertisement label ? What does this mean before our current situation with almost a month ??? N

  5. For the sake of the tour's health all these Hispanic and Italian players must be banned from taking part in global sports events for at least 10 years. Let them take part in their domestic competitions

  6. Nole is the first player that comes to my mind on applauding opponents' great shot or laughed at their lucky shot.


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