15 Minute Home Workout For Tennis Players. In this new Top Tennis Training video, Coach Simon Konov will take you through a 15 minute home workout for tennis players. This workout consists of five, three-minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest between each round. If you feel like 15 minutes will be too intense, or maybe you’re looking to do longer, you can always modify how many rounds you do, to suit your needs.
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15 Minute Home Workout For Tennis Players:
Round One
Shadow Forehands – 30 seconds
Hop and split-step alternating legs – 30 seconds
Shadow Backhands – 30 seconds
Normal press-ups – 30 seconds
High knees – 30 seconds
30 seconds break to reach the 3-minute mark

Round Two
Shadow forehand volleys – 30 seconds
Double split steps – 30 seconds
Shadow backhand volleys – 30 seconds
Side steps on the spot – 30 seconds
Russian twists with feet off ground – 30 seconds
30 seconds break to reach the 6-minute mark

Round Three
Shadow Forehands – 30 seconds
Crossover steps on spot – 30 seconds
Shadow Backhand slice – 30 seconds
Shoulder taps – 30 seconds
Plank – 30 seconds
30 seconds rest to reach the 9 minute mark

Round Four
Forehand volley with two rackets – 30 seconds
Split step into a crossover – 30 seconds
Backhand volley with two rackets – 30 seconds
Wide grip press-ups – 30 seconds
Ab crunches – 30 seconds
30-second rest to reach the 12 minute mark

Round Five
Forehands off one leg – 15 seconds each leg
Double split steps – 30 seconds
Backhands off one leg – 15 each leg
Hop and split alternating – 30 seconds
Knee to chest crunches – 30 seconds
Normal press-ups 30 seconds
15-minute workout complete

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  2. Hello! Do you think its usefull to use a way heavier racquet than your own, to do these workouts? For example, use a wood raquet for the shadow swings? Thanks for the video!

  3. thank you so much sir Simon for your help. Now we can do many things in our home . once again thanks for your help

  4. Whoah. What a workout. I now know 2 things: I need to build my stamina back and Simon is one super fit individual. Great workout, thank you, Simon.

  5. Thank you for another great video! I'm a junior player trying to stay in shape, and your workouts are becoming a part of my quarantine days. Exercises designed for tennis are a rarity on YouTube, and I'm glad I found you. Thanks again for the video and stay safe out there!

  6. I found a nice big brick wall in a schoolyard nearby. I do 1 hour of intense
    hitting every day if the weather is good.
    That should do it 😉

  7. Thank you so much. Please make more tennis specific workouts. I've found myself doing really generic workouts and hoping that it would pay off on court but they haven't. And then on top of that there are hardly any tennis specific workout routines on YouTube. Thank you again for the amazing content. It really helps us out.


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