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  1. you should have added 2019 AO in this video, novak played incredible offensive attacking tennis. Semifinal against Pouille and finale against Nadal was GOAT (Beast) Mode

  2. When you hit a tweener (00:30) and a drop shot (00:36) while losing 5:7 4:5 0/30 against Murray, and then you go and turn around the match and win.

  3. Dear God I'm not asking a lot from you , just 3-4 more years to live and see who will be the GOAT, after that you can take me, tnx

  4. Most of them are from 2015, such a shame he got injured in 2016 he could have beat all the records by now if he hadn't

  5. I am from Seriba , and if you dont belive that Novak will break all the records you are so wrong. Sampras in going down in a few weeks , and Federer until end of this season. But dont fogret that Novak want to stop playing next 5 years. 🙂

  6. He marches to a different drum beat than the other 2 GOATs. No love from the crowds for the most part of his career and going against the grain at all times. Mental toughness that has no rival.


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