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  1. This is Verdasco's video… if you gotta grunt, be a man about it. And Verdasco has easily the manliest of grunts.

  2. I remember that I watched a very rare and maybe the loudest grunt by Roger Federer in a compilation clip that has been erased. The shot was from a clay tournament when Fed was quite young I think because the video quality is kinda low. He was wearing a red shirt and grunting a very loud “Arghhh” when hitting a left to right cross court backhand winner. Is anybody there ever watched it or have the clip?

  3. The Denis Istomin backhand down the line against Djokovic at the Australian Open 2nd round was something special too

  4. You should have added Nadal Vs Djokovic AO open 2012 point where Rafa's extended grunt at a crucial point was epic.

  5. 7:18 from Verdasco is as good a running forehand as you'll ever see. Absolutely clobbered it. In fact, Verdasco is the GOAT of extended grunt slap shots, as evidenced in this video.


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