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[NCT DREAM LIVE – Beyond the Dream Show]
5/10 SUN 3PM (KST) | 5/9 SAT 11PM (PDT) | 5/10 SUN 2AM (EST)
(Kor) 👉🏻
(Eng) 👉🏻
(IDN) 👉🏻
(JPN) 👉🏻

🎥NCT DREAM Ridin’ MV :
NCT DREAM’s new album ‘Reload’ is finally out!
Listen to the full album from the link below :

#NCTDREAM #Ridin #RidinClub
#Reload #NCTDREAM_Ridin
#라이딩클럽 #엔시티드림
#Ch_NCT #채널NCT

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  1. Please don't think more bad about of me.
    I promise don't comment more to don't causes other confusion. Please understand that don't was my intention..
    I can to take seriously the things.. Too .
    I wish you success to your next events and albums…
    Be happy and healthy…

  2. It's confirmed. Jaemin is dating every single one of his members.

    Okay but y'all 400k views better hop on the RIDIN MV right after this.

  3. 4:15 천러 한국말 완전 자연스러워서 천러 맞나하고 다시들어봤는데 천러 억양 완전 한국사람다 됐네 우리 쫑천러💚💚💚

  4. RenSung pair is so funny haha I expected them not to struggle coz renjun is smol xD but struggle they did hahah when Renjun was clinging to Jisung like his life depends on it lmao


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